Biography of Dr. C. Tuna

Dr. Cevdet Tuna was born in 1923 in Edirne, Turkey.

Dr. Cevdet Tuna, the 7th oldest of the 9 children (9 siblings graduated from 11 universities) in his family, started elementary school in 1930 in Balıkpazarı, Edirne.

After graduating from Haydarpasa High School in 1941, he continued his studies in Goethe Medical School in Germany and upon completion, he immediately returned home with great motivation to implement what he had learnt right away.

Until 1950, Dr. Cevdet Tuna worked as the only lieutenant physician in Istanbul Hadimkoy and cured soldiers in Thrace area without complaining about any hardship of traveling miles on top of his horse. In 1952, he established one of the first five medicine factories in Turkey, Tege Medicine Factory, and entered into professional medicine manufacturing. He formulated the first Turkish cough syrup, painkiller, burn ointment and cough tablet. With his great passion to work, he personally attended to all of the progress of his work step by step including all of the new formulations.

Simultaneously, Dr. Cevdet Tuna established the first analysis laboratory in Turkey. After expanding his company with passion for 22 years, he sold the shares of the company to an enterprise with foreign investment. Between 1977 and 1995, he imported the raw materials for medicines that were created manually in drug stores and sold it to 13,500 pharmacies. During all of this, he also worked as a trustee for small and medium sized domestic drug companies.

Eventually, in 1998, he established Tanalize Cosmetics and the Farmasi brand we know today. 

Currently, Farmasi is producing about 2,000 different products including Dr. C Tuna series, the medical series of the brand.

Farmasi Cosmetics is working in a 60,000m2 facility right outside of Istanbul and has a capacity of producing 1,000 tons every day. Farmasi Cosmetics’ unique point is that the facility contains 5 different factories that can produce personal care, wet wipes, make-up, plastic packaging and tubes near each other. This makes the factory an integrated facility.

Through his 63 years of his professional life, Dr. Cevdet Tuna had principles of loving his work and believing that people are the most valuable assets of a company. Because of his infinite honesty and care for those who worked with him and for his passion in what he did, his colleagues and family admired him.

Dr. C. Tuna gave a huge importance to his workers and family followed by his love for animals and nature. These are currently reflected in Dr. C. Tuna's series whereby products are ensure cruetly-free and halal.