Dr. C. Tuna Paprika & Chili Balsam (500ml)

Dr. C. Tuna Paprika & Chili Balsam (500ml)

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Enriched with Red Chili, Ginger, Nettle, Menthol and essential oils that stimulate blood circulation Dr. C. Tuna Paprika & Chili Balsam is especially designed for relaxing chronic rheumatic diseases.

Whether you have acute pain, muscle and joint pain or muscle cramps, this balsam can sooth and stimulate blood flow to release your discomfort. 

Red Chili Extract -a skin conditioning agent- is effective to help restore the skin.

Ginger Extract can promote collagen production and improvement of the overall skin structure. 

Nettle Extract helps soothe the skin.

And thanks to menthol's contribution, giving it a refreshing feeling. 

How to use:

Massage gently into affected areas 

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